BVA provides valuation and consulting services in the following areas:

Estate & Gift Tax Valuation Services

Estate and Gift Tax valuations must meet strict requirements promulgated by the Internal Revenue Service in the Internal Revenue Code, Regulations and other rule based pronouncements. The standard of value or the definition of value for Internal Reve… Read More

Intellectual Property Valuation & Consulting Services

The valuation of Intellectual Property – which broadly speaking includes patents, trademarks, brand names, customer lists, copyrights, proprietary information and other forms of IP – is certainly part science and part art. Science in the sense th… Read More

Valuation for Financial Reporting Purposes

BVA produces IRS-compliant opinions on fair value for both tangible and intangible assets, liabilities and equity interests. Read More

Transaction Advisory Services

BVA‘s Transaction Advisory Team assists clients by maximizing value and minimizing risk during an acquisition or sale process. We offer a unique blend of tax, valuation and financial/strategic advisory services on both buy-side and sell-side tr… Read More

Exit Planning Strategies

BVA embraces two mantras: Without a plan most businesses do not succeed. Without an exit strategy many businesses will fail to transition or transact. Transition or Transaction? Having made the hard decision to start a business or in some cases to co… Read More

Entrepreneurial Services

BVA provides specialized financial services specifically targeted to start-ups and other entrepreneurially run businesses. Our service offering is designed to complement management and other service providers providing knowledge and experience as wel… Read More

Tax Planning & Compliance

An extremely important element of tax planning for entities and individuals is an appraisal. It is important to ensure that a business appraisal meet the requirements indicated by the Internal Revenue Service. Having an appraisal that meets these req… Read More

Corporate Valuation & Consulting Services

Assisting business owners, shareholders and other interest holders is the cornerstone of BVA‘s valuation and consulting services. By providing a valuation report or a consulting work product that considers current financial theory, the use of… Read More

Litigation Support

BVA provides valuation and other related financial services in support of attorneys and their clients. Among the services provided are lost profits analysis, commercial damages calculations, reasonable royalty rate assessment, personal damages calcul… Read More

BVA Member Firm of the Financial Consulting Group

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The Financial Consulting Group is the largest association of independently owned accounting, business valuation, and financial services firms in North America.  FCG members are experienced, credentialed, financial experts and leaders in the valuation profession.  FCG members serve on the Business Valuation Committees of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), and the American Society of Appraisers (ASA), participate in national business valuation conferences, serve as instructors, and write valuation books, articles, and newsletters.

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